Thursday, 10 April 2014

“Dead Synchronicity": 2 days left, 88% funded, Wii-U... and a text-based adventure!

Madrid, Spain – April 10th 2014
Fictiorama Studios announced that both Wii-U and Android versions of their 2D point and click graphic adventure game “Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today” are now included as stretch goals of their Kickstarter campaign.

Whereas the Android version will be developed if the campaign reaches $60,000, the Wii-U version will be if it hits $75,000.

The campaign, finishing next Saturday April 12th, has just surpassed US $39,500 of its US $45,000 goal (+88%). Therefore, the last 2 days will be decisive for the future of the game.

Screenshot of "Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today"
Moreover, in their latest update, Fictiorama Studios released an affordable add-on that consists of another game: backers who increase their pledge by just $5 will get a short “old-school” text-based graphic adventure game. Featuring 8-bits-like graphics, the game will let backers know about the last hours of Michael, the main character, before falling into a coma and going amnesiac, the point where “Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today” starts.

USB pen drive in the shape of an old-school cassette tape is now featured as an add-on as well, for backers who increase their pledge by $25 (or $40, depending on their current tier). It will contain all the digital rewards within the backer's current tier.
Screenshot of the add-on game
To allow players to experience the game for real, there’s a public alpha demo available. The extended alpha demo, previously available only to backers, is public for everyone now.

Extended alpha demo site:
Screenshot of "Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today"
Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today” is on Steam Greenlight as well. The adventure game’s trailer can be seen both in the Kickstarter pitch video and at its Steam Greenlight site, as well as on Youtube.

Steam Greenlight:

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