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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Legendary Quest of Epic Adventure - New 3D Action/Adventure Game - Kickstarter Launched

Westford, MA -- Mar 18, 2014 - A 3D ACTION/ADVENTURE GAME

The Legendary Quest of Epic Adventure is a 3D action/adventure game. It is a medieval themed comedic spoof of other popular games in the genre such as The Legend of Zelda, Ghosts and goblins and Maximo: ghosts to glory. The game is made using the Unity3Dengine and features cartoon stylized graphics and in game cut scenes. It can be played from the third person or overhead camera positions. It pokes fun at every cliché aspect of the action/adventure genre.

There are going to be situations that are too dangerous to go into alone also swords will be thrown at zombies while only wearing underpants. The prototype of the game can be downloaded from The game is made using the latest version of theUnity3D engine as well as the most recent versions of 3ds Studio Max and Abode Photoshop. All animations for this project will be provided from Mixamo. Footage of The Legendary Quest of Epic Adventure will be featured in the video "Made in Mixamo" to be shown by Mixamo at booth 832 at GDC 2014

The Legendary Quest of Epic Adventure is currently being developed by WingHelm Productions. WingHelm Productions is made up of a team of highly talented individuals who all hold degrees in Video Game Design and Development. WingHelm Productions is located in San Diego, California.

View the Kickstarter

Apparently this game will have you battling zombies in your underpants, amongst other things.  (No, I don't mean the zombies will be wearing your underpants while you battle them...)  Should be fun!

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