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Monday, 17 February 2014

Site stats for week ending 16th February 2014


Unique Visitors


Pages / Visit

Avg. Visit Duration

Bounce Rate

% New Visits

A good week by our standards, boosted by an exceptional Sunday (traditionally one of our weakest days in terms of traffic).  Closing in on 500 Twitter followers too, and 521 in our Google+ circles.

Any help in terms of mentions, links, retweets etc still very welcome - driving a decent amount of traffic to the site is still proving very hard work!  Reaching a thousand page views last week was nice, but really I'm aiming for a thousand per day, and going forwards a thousand visits per day, the a thousand unique visitors... sadly, as it is, I can't even reach fifty visits per day on a regular basis (yet... the visits WILL come!)

So there you have it... my weekly waffle about site stats.  When I return, I will talk only about indie games! :-D

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