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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Sanctuary RPG

Well, you can't get much more retro than this - a text turn-based RPG with ASCII Art graphics!

SanctuaryRPG™ is a critically acclaimed strategic turn-based monster slaying and dungeon crawling adventure set in the retro ASCII-art world of Sanctuary.

Drawing heavy inspiration from both Roguelikes and Japanese RPGs, the developers have poured over 10,000 hours of work into the game, meticulously designing every aspect to offer a truly compelling and deeply replayable gameplay experience.

With dynamic combat, hilarious dialogue, and plenty of weapons at your disposal, this is truly the most ambitious ASCII-art RPG of 2014.

Core Features

  • Enjoy a blast from the past with retro ASCII graphics 
  • Travel through vast dungeons with classic roguelike action 
  • Experience hundreds of hours of immersive gameplay 
  • Put your strategies to work with a sleek combat system 
  • Over 160 class and race combinations to experiment with 
  • Wreck your enemies with over 1400 weapons and armors 
  • Rock out to an original 8-bit chiptune soundtrack

Bonus Features
  • Collect achievements for no reason whatsoever 
  • Forge weapons with a skill-based crafting system 
  • Test your might in a ranked matchmaking mode 
  • Both casual and permadeath game modes 
  • Customize and utilize robotic pets in battle 
  • Fully featured and dynamic economy simulation 
  • Sell craft beers and run your own tavern

Public Beta

Steam Greenlight Page

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