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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Recce Metal for Android

Drive through across the terrain and complete missions, destroy anything and everything in your way by either driving over or shooting it. There are lots of types of enemy, each with their own weapons. 

Collect credits by completing levels, finding secrets or earning achievements, then spend them on new weapons, bonuses or customizing your vehicle/

  • 42 story mode levels (Complete missions) 
  • 3 arcade mode levels (Cause as much carnage as possible within the time limit) 
  • 3 survival mode levels (Survive wave after wave of enemy assaults) 

The whole game can be completed and all bonuses, upgrades and customization's can be unlocked without additional purchase of credits but if you get stuck or just wish to support the creators of Recce Metal then additional credits can be purchased within the game. Available from the GooglePlay Store - free to play, with in-app purchases.

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