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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Platinum Arts Sandbox Easy To Use Game Maker With In Game Editor on Steam Greenlight

USA, Gainesville Florida -- Feb 23, 2014 -- Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker is now on Steam Greenlight featuring in game editing, coop editing, dynamic lighting, crossplatform support and advanced networking with the goal of adding visual scripting and many more features listed below.  Users will be able to rapidly create games of many different genres and require little to no prior coding experience.  Sandbox is available for Windows, Linux and Mac and is based on the Cube 2 Engine.


Steam Greenlight

Main Features:
- In game level editing where environments and whole worlds can quickly be created. Also maps can be edited cooperatively with friends/teams/etc.
- Merging everything into one easily moddable codebase with significantly cleaned up code that is easy to navigate. A lot of the code will be switched over to the new scripting language to make it much easier and quicker to modify.
- Anglescript and possibly the option for the Lua scripting language to make it to easily modify movement, weapons, NPCs, dialogue, quests, add and create monsters, vehicles, and an inventory eventually for RPG games
- Significantly Improved graphics engine and real time lighting (thanks to Eihrul!)
- Bullet Physics
- UI Improvements including more professional looking, widgets, workflow optimization
- Camera easily adjusted (easy to switch to 3rd person, 1st person, isometric, top down, etc)
- Improve movie recording ease of use
- Updated Particle Editor and System including improved weather system
- Train-path entities and camera linkable to it
- Triggers - (once, multiple, etc)
- Improved AI and ability to add monsters/creatures/NPCs and create different monster types/sets through script
- Improved Foliage system including multiple grass heights and possibly a speed tree type system
- Easily set up to create a " video game" format vs editing format so people can't edit/change a released video game (easily remove edit mode, set up launcher to go into the game, even just good instructions would help)
- Ladders
- Better model collisions
- Improved texture managing. Easier to import textures and in game texture editor/modifier. Also easier to use blendmaps/texture painting
- Around 1000+ exclusive textures
- Many models will be added that can be used commercially
- All content can be used commercially
- Constantly updated and improved on the listed features at NO CHARGE. This includes neat upstream updates from the Cube 2 engine!

Possible Mode Features (added through script files):
- Racemode
- Vehicle mode (including ability to make planes)
- Waterwars
- Hide and Seek
- Digging and building
- Random terrain generator
- Parkour Doublejump/wall jump
- Customizable waves for wavemode /dmsp

- Ease of use for setup
- Client syncing for coop edit (all textures and models)*
- Server admin tools (permissions, editing boundaries)*
- Make goto more noticable and perhaps set a "home" waypoint to teleport*
- Forced getmap/sendmap/serverside*
- Heightmap editing on servers*
* Potential features. They need to be tried and tested for viability before released as actual features. Other methods may prove better.

- A full featured website coupled with the new sandbox to promote user interaction and project and portfolio sharing
- Dedicated documentation writers along with tutorials both text and video.

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