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Monday, 24 February 2014

Interview with Chris Palmarozzi of

I interviewed Chris Palmarozzi, the PR half of game portal ShinyLoot, which is very indie-friendly.  (The other half of this partnership is Sudhir Prakash.)

1/      There are plenty of digital distributors / game portals around already – so what made you decide to up ShinyLoot?

We wanted to create a distribution service dedicated to highlighting lesser known indie games. At the time we created ShinyLoot there was really no good way to find new indie games. A gamer’s best option was going through the due diligence of browsing through new releases. That’s why our trait and filter system was so integral in our initial development.

2/     What percentage of the games on your site would you describe as being indie games? 

I would say about 85%. The others belong to publishers like Nordic Games who provide us with a great back catalogue of older, classic games.

3/     How many games are in your catalogue at the moment?

As I write this, 487 active games.

4/     Are you getting a constant stream of new titles?

Yes – through a combination of developers contacting us through our support page, and us just keeping tabs on new and upcoming indie releases, and reaching out to those developers.

5/     If it’s a developer reading this – how do they go about getting their game listed for sale on ShinyLoot?

Head to our contact page and select ‘Game Distribution’ in the subject line or go there directly by clicking this link.

6/     You’ve got some massive competition out there, with the likes of Steam, GOG, Desura… how well are you managing to survive so far?  (ShinyLoot began trading in August 2013, after 5 months of open beta testing.)

Surviving is one thing. Thriving is another. Our costs are relatively low and last year we built a solid foundation. This year it’s about growth. As indie games continue to grow in numbers we will find new ways to support them. Through that support I think we can gain a significant number of loyal followers.

7/     What would you say makes ShinyLoot different from other distributors?

First and foremost we cater to quality but lesser known indie games. So gamers who appreciate finding new games outside of the norm will most enjoy our service. Additionally, we offer an uncompromising view on fairness for our customers. No games are region locked, everything is in the same USD price, we are upfront about any DRM and do not allow games with obtrusive DRM such as Tages or SecuROM, and provide rewards for leaving quality reviews.

8/     Any big plans for the future of ShinyLoot that you’d like to share?

Not quite yet, but we do have something under wraps. We will let you and your readers know as soon as we’ve got something we are ready to present!

9/     Finally, from your own sales figures, have you seen any interesting trends in terms of which games / types of games have proven popular?  Anything that’s surprised you?

We started keeping track of trait searches so it’s been interesting to see our most filtered traits. The top three so far are Deep Customization, Action-RPG, and Local Multiplayer. I think that’s notable, and I’m looking forward to seeing how that changes over the next few months.

Thanks Chris for agreeing to be interviewed, and all the best for the continued growth of ShinyLoot!

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