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Wednesday, 5 February 2014


London, UK. (Wednesday, February 5th) Nyu Media is pleased to announce that the highly anticipated side-scrolling mech shooter GIGANTIC ARMY is available to download today for just $5.99 from,GamersGateDesura and Rice Digital.

GIGANTIC ARMY puts you in command of the ‘GMR-34 SALADIN’ a robotic powerhouse bristling with enough weaponry to singlehandedly take down a planetary army , and versatile enough to dodge or deflect whatever the enemy throws at you.

The work of esteemed shmup Japanese developer ASTRO PORT, GIGANTIC ARMY continues the studio’s tradition of delivering high-octane shooter experiences that can be enjoyed as much by novices, as by discerning shmup aficionados.

Taking its cues from timeless classics like Cybernator / Assault Suits Valken, Front Mission: Gun Hazard and Metal Slug - GIGANTIC ARMY brings the much-loved mech-shooter stomping and blasting into 2014 with gorgeously detailed backdrops, fluid animation, and impeccably pitched gameplay.

  • 2D side-scrolling mech-action  where you pilot a devastating robotic super-weapon!
  • 6 meticulously designed stages from acclaimed shmup developers ASTRO PORT!
  • Gigantic boss encounters and mid-level boss battles!
  • 9 different weapon combinations to choose from – choose the load-out that matches your  combat strategies – plus shield, thrusters, and dash!
  • 4 difficulty modes from ‘Easy’ to ‘Insane’ to cater for all skill levels!
  • Rebalanced gameplay from the Japanese original, making this Nyu Media release the definitive version of GIGANTIC ARMY!
  • The Steam version (GIGANTIC ARMY is currently on Steam Greenlight) will add 42 achievements, trading cards, and more! A Linux version for Steam is now in the final stages of development!
  • Outstanding value for only $5.99
GIGANTIC ARMY is OUT NOW for just $5.99 and is available directly,
Rice Digital:

For more information and to download the free playable demo, please visit the GIGANTIC ARMY website at:
About Nyu Media, Ltd.
Nyu Media, Ltd. is the world's leading localizer and publisher of independent Japanese video games. By combining high quality localizations, broad distribution and accessible price points, Nyu Media enables global gamers to fully enjoy excellent indie titles as well as support the indie game development in Japan.

ASTRO PORT is a three-man Japanese development team whose collective message to the world is, ‘This is how fun action shooting games can be!” ASTRO PORT’s deep catalog of rock solid shooting games also features Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser, ARMED SEVEN, Steam Action ADVENTUM, GIGANTIC ARMY, SATAZIUS, and STEEL STRIDER.

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