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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Get your hands on some Shiny Indie Loot!

ShinyLoot is an indie-focused, digital game store blended with a discovery engine. The store uses a trait-based filter system with a ton of options for PC, Mac, and Linux games to help match users to games that best fit their interests. All titles are guaranteed to either be DRM-free or require a one time key validation, and there is no separate client required. Additionally, ShinyLoot believes in a fair marketplace and offers all titles worldwide without any regional pricing.

ShinyLoot was founded as the solution to a growing number of high quality, independently developed games falling under the radar. By combining an advanced filter system that allows users to search individual features of games with a library of quality, but lesser known titles, customers could find new games best matching their interests. The company is independently owned and operated by it's two founders, Chris Palmarozzi and Sudhir Prakash.

Visit the Shiny Loot Website

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