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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

“Dead Synchronicity” in action... and about to hit Kickstarter

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today” set to hit Kickstarter & Steam Greenlight mid-March

Madrid, Spain – February 11th 2014
Fictiorama Studios is working on the campaign that will take their graphic adventureDead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today to both Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight. The campaign, that will include exciting and exclusive rewards, will be launched mid-March.
Michael meets another friendly character
Additionally, the adventure's first video featuring real gameplay is already available on Fictiorama's YouTube channel. The video includes an overview of user interface and game mechanics, as well as some of the adventure's key features, such as “dynamic close-up dialogues” and “DS-backgrounds”.
Love the smell of "DS" effect in the morning...
Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today”, the first title of the "Dead Synchronicity"saga, is a 3rd person2D point & click adventure. Featuring a sci-fi script with dystopian overtones, the game is influenced by LucasArts classics, but revolves around a more solemn theme, along the lines of games such as “I have no mouth and I must scream” or “Sanitarium”.

The adventure tells the story of Michael, a man with no past who is forced to recover his identity and decode the events that brought the world to a near cataclysm: "the Great Wave" (a chain of natural disasters) and a pandemic that has turned humans into "the Dissolved" (infected beings with special cognitive powers whose sick bodies will ultimately dissolve). If Michael does not hurry, he won't be able to avoid the impending point of "dead synchronicity" when Time itself dissolves... 
Fictiorama Studios is formed by 3 brothers (Mario, Alberto, and Luis Olivan) united by their devotion to graphic adventures. In addition, two of the Olivan brothers are members of the alternative rock band Kovalski, which will be composing the soundtrack for the “Dead Synchronicity” saga (press here to listen/download the main theme).
Fictiorama Studios: the Olivan brothers (Alberto, Luis &; Mario & Olivan) circa 1992; featuring modern eyeglasses and cool pullovers

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