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Saturday, 8 February 2014

AGS Awards 2013

After last year's awards being dominated by Resonance, this year's awards seem really open.  The nominees for the coveted Best Game category are:

  • Conspirocracy
  • Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barker Manor
  • Heronie's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok
  • The Art of Dying
  • The Bum
Interestingly, The Art of Dying is - as far as anyone can remember - the first ever non-adventure game to be in with a shout of the overall Best Game award.  (It is of course also up for Best Non-Adventure Game Made With AGS award.  Will be weird if it does win Best Game but fails to win the other!)

Of my own games, for the second year running I've got a game in contention for Best Demo (the Captain Disaster in Death Has A Million Stomping Boots Demo won last year), and the surreal possibility of winning the Best Demo award two years running and being forever known as someone who makes good demos rather than good games is a little terrifying.  It's the Troll Song Verse One: Completely Stoned Demo that's in with a shout for me this year, the demo I made with Knoodn, who also made Unga Needs Mumba.  Oddly enough, it looks like Troll Song will suffer the same fate as Captain Disaster, in that the programmer who worked on the demo soon after had to leave the project and be replaced.  (Although in this case it's the graphical side that's more of a problem to replace.)  Er... anyway, I digress.  Will stop waffling.

Eternal Chrysalis, another of my games, is up for Best Music.  I can take zero credit for this as I wasn't even involved in getting the musician on board, it was my partner in crime for that game Selmiak.

Congrats to all nominees, and it will be fascinating to see who wins.  (I hope Ponch finally gets a win, it would mean to much to him!)

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