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Monday, 20 January 2014

"The Lady" Indie Game Launches Demo/IndieGoGo Campaign

2D surrealist/puzzle/horror game “The Lady” has launched an IndieGoGo campaign, which includes a download of a playable pre-alpha demo of the game, as well as a free download of the game’s soundtrack.

The demo download can be found here.

“The Lady” features hand drawn character art, stop motion themed animation, and an abrasively haunting analog soundtrack. The game tells the story of the main character “The Lady”, as she faces her inner struggles with anxiety and depression. Along the way she experiences fever dream like hallucinations, while encountering multiple versions of herself throughout the story. 

The gameplay in The Lady is reminiscent of the old SNES and Turbo Grafx16 side scrollers. The game will release (for PC Windows only) this summer, 2014.

Inline image 1

The Lady
IndieGoGo Campaign:
Steam Greenlight: 
Dev Vlog:

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