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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Pakka Pets

This isn't my sort of thing as I've never really seen the point of these "pet simulator" type games - but a lot of people like them!  Therefore, here's a new project being kickstarted atm...

"Welcome to the world of Pakka! In Pakka Pets you'll raise adorable pets called Pakkas. It will be up to you to cook foods for your pet, take them on adventures, and make sure they experience all of the joys Pakka life has to offer. Each pet is a dynamic little creature that will have it's own likes and dislikes, needs, personality, and destinies. Through your Pakka journey, you'll get to raise tons of different pets ranging from cute cat-like creatures to tiny robots and everything in between. There are over 50 Pakka Pets to discover, and even more to come."

If this sounds like the sort of project that would grab your interest, head on over to the Pakka Pets Kickstarter page!  29 days to go, they've made a solid start to their funding campaign already.  Being developed for iOS and Android.

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