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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Novae 1.3: upcoming MAJOR update

Toulouse, France Dominique Vial aka Domsware is pleased to introduce today the new upcoming update for Novae — version 1.3 — for iOS, its innovative, match-4, tile game where tiles “fall” inward, toward the Core, in a clockwise spiral. 

With circular tiles of five different colors, Player chooses where to drop incoming colored tiles with the objective of constituting groups of the same color. A color group is absorbed by the Core when matching criteria are achieved while adding to the score. Remaining tiles then rearrange themselves to form a new configuration. 

Novae derives its name from astrophysics, as the laws of attraction recall a phenomenon called “accretion” commonly found in astrophysics. Matches must include one tile to be on an axis and in contact with the Core. Featuring infinite levels of play, the player must restart from the beginning at level 0 after failing any level. 

What’s New: 
  • This major update bring a brand new feature, Threshold Levels. 
  • Threshold Levels, unlocked during the game, give the player the ability to select the level at which (s)he wants to begin the game. On previous version, player restarted from the beginning at level 0 after failing any level: this was very frustrating. 
  • Reaching a Threshold Level put a milestone on the game progress from which the player can go further to higher level, higher score or next Threshold Level. The strategic side of Novae is then increase and the duration of game shorten. In another words Threshold Levels make Novae a more addictive game with more fun too. 

This update also brings: 
- Japanese localisation 
- New statistical data 
- Sharing via Mail, Message or AirDrop (iOS 7 only) 
- Improvements in app navigation 
- Numerous visual adjustments 
- Bug corrections 

This is a free update for current owner. 

Feature Highlights: 
- Fascinating and innovative match concept 
- An addictive relaxing game for any age 
- Game levels, numerous scoring bonus and combos 
- Game Center integration with Leaderboard and Achievements 
- Sharing via Mail, Message or AirDrop (iOS 7 only) 
- Minimalistic art-style and soothing soundtrack 
- Play your own music 
- Universal App 
- Color-blind mode 
- No In-App Purchases: buy once, play forever 
- No additional costs. No ads 

Language Support: 
- English, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, German and Japanese. 

Device Requirements: 
- iPhone 3GS/4/4S/5, iPod touch (3rd/4th/5th generation), and iPad 
- Requires iOS 6.0 or later 
- 8.6 MB 

Pricing and Availability: 
Novae 1.3 is $2.99 (USD) and will be available shortly worldwide exclusively on the App Store

About Domsware: Based in Toulouse, France, Domsware is Dominique Vial, M.Sc. & PhD – CS/IT, an independent software developer.

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