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Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Free VR Game From Unello Design: Lunadroid 237 - An Interactive Narrative

Austin, Texas/US -- January 2, 2014 -- The independent virtual reality studio Unello Design has released a new VR experience designed in Unity specifically for the Oculus Rift. Part game, part sci-fi animated short, Lunadroid 237 enters the relatively unexplored realm of virtual reality narrative. The game is set on the lunar surface on July 21, 1969. It explores themes of contact with extraterrestrial beings, space exploration, and the search for extraterrestrial life from the alien perspective. 

Lunadroid was inspired by exploration games like Myst and Dear Esther as well as sci-fi films set in space like Moon and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Check out the trailer for Lunadroid 237: 

Along with the game, Unello Design has included a few goodies: wallpapers and the game's original soundtrack along with two extra VR experiences born out of a monthly game jam. Titled Void 1 (Cosmic Ice) and Void 2 (Cosmic Earth), each of these extra experiences offer players a meditative and soothing yet psychedelic environment to inhabit. With abstract flowing visuals and peaceful ambient music, Voids 1 & 2 harken back to Unello's previous releases, Eden River and Waking Man, by exploring the potential of VR as a tool for relaxation, meditation and transcendence. 

Go to for trailers, free game downloads and more information on Lunadroid 237.

Unello Design consists of Aaron Lemke and... well, that's it really!

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