Friday, 31 January 2014

Global action with the battle servers on "Celtic tribes" and "Crazy tribes"

Hamburg, January 31 2014 - Join the fray: The new battle servers of the strategy MMOs "Celtic tribes" and "Crazy tribes" allow players from the whole community to fight for supremacy. These new game worlds will be live from the 1st of February onwards and you are more than welcome to join the fight.
Aggressive expansion is made possible by a larger amount of resources and more farming troops at the start of the game, as well as optimized conditions for offensive play styles.

Following the successful launch of the three international battle servers on "Lords & Knights", the developer Xyrality now also allows the players from the other communities for a reckless charge into battle.

About Celtic Tribes
Celtic Tribes is an iPhone/iPad and Android construction and management MMO which is set in the time of the Celts. Players assume the role of a tribal chief and lead their tribe to prosperity. With a wide variety of units, tribal chiefs conquer the villages of other players or raid the resources of their neighbors. In battle against thousands of other players, the tribal chiefs get assistance by druids who know how to use the magic powers of runes and artifacts. Celtic Tribes which was launched in November 2012 now has over 2,000,000 downloads and more than 20,000 5-stars evaluations.
About Crazy Tribes
Crazy Tribes is a construction and management MMO for iPhone/iPad and Android, set in a post-apocalyptic world. Assuming the role of dukes, the players have to develop their bases and rebuild the lost civilization. The bases of NPCs and thousands of other players shall be raided and captured with the use of several unit types. Alliances with other players are the key to victory in the struggle for survival in this end time wasteland. Crazy Tribes was launched in August 2012 and has over 1,200,000 downloads, as well as over 12,000 5-star reviews by now.
Xyrality is a fast growing, independent Hamburg developer and publisher consisting of 75 dedicated employees. This young company develops and markets games, which are available on smartphones and tablets as well as web browsers. The debut title “Lords & Knights”, is an innovative strategy-building-MMOG in a medieval setting. Within a few months of the publication in June 2011, Xyrality evolved to become one of the most successful start-ups in the industry. proclaimed Xyrality as one of the Top 50 mobile Developers of 2013 worldwide; in 2012 Xyrality featured several times in "Best of Apple's App Store". Today the portfolio includes nine titles that have altogether been downloaded more than 10 million times; Other games are to be published soon. More information can be found at

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