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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

What will you do when Time dissolves itself? - Find out by playing “Dead Synchronicity"

What will you do when Time dissolves itself?

Find out by playing “Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today” by Fictiorama Studios at the AdventureX show in London

Madrid, Spain – December 3rd 2013
A terrible pandemic is turning all of humanity into “dissolveds” – the sick whose deliria provide them with supernatural cognitive powers... but also steer them towards a gruesome death. The “Great Wave,” an inexplicable chain of natural disasters that destroyed all energy sources and communications and plunged the world into a chaos ruthlessly controlled by both the authorities and the army alike, seems to be the root of this illness.

The player will have to help Michael, a man with no past, recover his identity and decode the events that brought the world to the edge of collapse. Because, if he doesn’t hurry, he won’t be able to avoid the impending moment of “dead synchronicity” when Time itself dissolves...  
Michael and one of the friendly soldiers

A soldier and one of the Mole's children

This is the stunning plot of “Dead Synchronicity,” the new graphic adventure fromFictiorama Studios“Dead Synchronicity” takes the classic mechanics of traditional 2D point-and-click adventures with third person narration and remodels them adding"dynamic close-up dialogues" (uninterrupted close-up zooms in interactive dialogue scenes) or “DS-backgrounds” (dynamic backgrounds that undergo the effects of distorted time).
Refugee Camp: with/without characters, and devastated by the "DS" effect
Dead Synchronicity” will be released in two installments. The first, “Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today”, will be presented at the AdventureX expo in London, one of the most important videogame events specializing in graphic adventures in the world. Here people will be able to test the game playing a demo.

The expo, which will take place the 7th and 8th of December, will include figures of the videogame industry such as Charles Cecil (“Broken Sword”) and Steve Ince (“So Blonde”, “Captain Morgane”, “The Witcher”); during the event Fictiorama Studios will also be giving a talk about the current state of graphic adventures in Spain.
Fictiorama Studios is formed by 3 brothers (Mario, Alberto, and Luis Olivan) united by their devotion to graphic adventures. In addition, two of the Olivan brothers are members of the alternative rock band Kovalski, which will be composing the soundtrack for both parts of “Dead Synchronicity” (press here to listen/download the main theme).
Fictiorama Studios: the Olivan brothers (Luis, Mario & Alberto Olivan) circa 1988

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today” will be available for PC,Mac and tablets in 2014.

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