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Friday, 20 December 2013

Turn-based strategy game "Pirate Code" now available for Mac

About two months ago, small indie team "Circuit Hive" announced the release their new turn-based strategy game for Windows - Pirate Code (sorry, didn't notice that one so hadn't covered it on Indie Game News).  Today they have released the Mac version.

About Pirate Code
As a band of mercenaries on the open seas, you find yourself caught in the middle of an epic struggle between a powerful band of pirates and the various shipping companies and navies they steal from.  You soon discover that the pirates intend to open the gate to the nether world and unleash the dark powers within.  As you fight them throughout the seas your allies turn against you until the pirates control everything.  Now you must become a band of pirates, raiding their ships and destroying their fleets, if you hope to stop them from opening the gate.  Do you have what it takes to win?

  • Unlock 20 unique ships
  • Recruit 4 captains that teach special actions to ships
  • Discover over 3 dozen islands scattered over a huge ocean
  • Battle through an epic story with unexpected twists
  • Enjoy beautiful graphics and custom piratey music

Pirate Code is now available for both the PC and Mac.  The first chapter is free but the rest of the game will require a code to unlock which will cost $14.95.  Visit the Download Page to download / buy.  Check out the trailer below first though!

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