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Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle released

Gamers can grab this bundle and its 11 excellent indie games over at 

The games: the Indie Ordinary Gamer Bundle features (for as low as $1.99) elegant yet frantic kung fu fighter One Finger Death Punch, musical arcade puzzler QbQbQb, Jane Jensen powered adventure Cognition Episode 1, 3D shmup Saviors and until recently hidden horror gem Slender 5 Pages

Gamers who beat the average price and thus seriously help our charity will be rewarded with 6 more games: fantasy melee offering Rooks Keep, stunning 3D action puzzler Hairy Tales, lovely platformer Isaac The Adventurer, point-and-click thriller Cognition Episode 2, the demented physics-based Along Came A Spider and the very British, very grim and very funny The Grave Digger

As more bundles get sold, extras will unlock for all buyers including 5 soundtracks and a ton of artwork. 

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