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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Preview: Lifeless Planet

Stage2Studios have made an early alpha build of their in-production science fiction game "Lifeless Planet" available to the the Press... it's a game that heavily rewards exploration but, though from the short alpha demo it was a little difficult to tell exactly, it looks like it has a wide variety of gameplay features within the planned 20 levels of the game.  Fortunately for people like me who have a PC sadly underpowered for gaming (temporarily at least!!), it has a very wide range of supported resolutions and graphic qualities.  Despite me playing it on the second-worst detail setting it still looked pretty good, and I liked the grainy effect of the visuals.

Once I'd figured out what the game was giving me clues for, it was an enjoyable experience tracking down the creature I was following.  I eventually kept getting killed by a weird plant... but that's probably my own fault! :-D  It's tricky making a game that conveys the vastness of space and lets you explore without being an exercise in endless wandering around, but developer David Board seems to be striking the balance pretty well so far.

Anyway, looking good and rather interesting at the moment... more news as I have it!

Screenshots (bearing in mind these are low resolution, low detail images from an alpha build!!):

 Find out more on the Lifeless Planet Website.

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