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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

PC version of "Ghoulish Hijinks" in development' announcement trailer

Ghoulish Hijinks is an arcade style platform game where the goal is to get as a high a score as possible, whilst avoiding ghoulish enemies and tricky level events, that want to stop you getting that high score. 

With Multiple different themed levels for you to unlock and play, even the ghouls like to have some fun! Collect ingredients and put them into the cauldron to earn points and create potions, that will grant you magic power, increase your time and give you a speed boost. You'll want to collect as many ingredients as you can if you want that high score and the hijinks to last!

Ghoulish Hijinks Trailer:

Ghoulish Hijinks is soon to be unleashed for Windows 

The game can be played right now on iPhone/iPod 5 devices and up

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