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Friday, 13 December 2013

'Jumpman Forever' developer to release free preview copies starting Saturday

WICHITA, Kansas (December 13, 2013) - Game developer Midnight Ryder Technologies announced earlier today they would begin shipping preview copies of their classic game sequel “Jumpman Forever” to press and supporters beginning Saturday evening. The game, a modern sequel to the C64 / Atari era Jumpman games will ship for Ouya, Mac, PC, iOS, and Android, though the preview copy will only be available for PC and Mac users. 

“It’s just a teaser, really.” says lead developer, Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr. “We’re only going to be shipping 8 - 10 levels out of the 60 or so planned release levels.” Additionally, many options, including multi-player, Speed Run mode, and Advanced Mode, will be unavailable for the preview copy. 

Davis explained in the update that the preview was in response to press requests for a reviewer copy. “We’re a bit ahead on our development schedule, and I had gotten a number of press inquiries about having a copy to write articles about. Rather than just giving it to the press, we made the decision to also give the preview away to all supporters of the Kickstarter campaign, no matter what their contribution level was.” 

Midnight Ryder Technologies plans to send out the preview copies to anyone who’s contributed to the Kickstarter, and everyone who contributes to the Kickstarter from here on out until it ends on December 21st, 2013. After that, they say they won’t ship any more copies of the preview. Additionally, press can email [email protected] for information on obtaining the Jumpman Forever preview. 

Midnight Ryder Technologies began in 1999 with video game development and game development services for PC & Mac platforms, and later expanded to include other platforms including iOS, Android, and now adds Ouya to it’s supported platforms. Since 1999, Midnight Ryder Technologies has has eight self-published video game titles, including it’s most recent, RetroBreaker for iOS, Android, and Mac. 

Jumpman Forever Kickstarter Campaign: 

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