Monday, 30 December 2013

End of Week Stats - 30th December 2013

  • 396 Followers on Twitter (up 4 from last week)
  • 485 have us in circles on Google+ (down 1 from last week)
  • Total Page Views according to Blogger stats: 369K
  • Weekly visits according to Google Analytics: 209
  • Weekly unique visitors according to Google Analytics: 147
  • Average Time On Site according to Google Analytics: 1m49s

Well, not a huge surprise that the visits fell last week - was never expecting it to come close to last week's best of year figures - many people preoccupied with other things and tbh not all that much news to post.  But December has still managed to be our best month of 2013, and hopefully 2014 will see the rise and rise of - and indie games in general - and yours truly should finally have released at the very least one commercial indie game before the end of 2014.  Hopefully 2, perhaps even more... we shall see!

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