Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Contradiction - an interactive murder mystery movie!

Now this one looks like a genuinely interesting concept... is it a game or a movie?  Well, the answer appears to be neither... and both, attempting to blend the genres in a much more seamless way than has been managed before.

"Contradiction is an adventure / murder mystery game that uses 100% live-action video, with minimal graphic content or overlays. It's flexible, reactive and fast-paced, but also has the characterisation, plot and atmosphere of a TV crime drama or movie. In short, I'm trying to make a well-shot, well-acted, modern, genuinely interactive movie.
It's going to be available for all formats, including Apple, Android and Windows devices and several other formats I'm currently looking into, including Smart TV boxes.
In Contradiction you can move around at will, investigate locations, collect evidence and make notes. But the heart of the game is interviewing characters, asking them questions and spotting the lies they tell. It's a system that makes you feel that you're having real conversations with real people - conversations that flow as quickly and naturally as they do in real life.

This isn't LA Noire and isn't aimed at hardcore gamers - this is a low-budget game aimed at the casual gamer, even those who don't play games but do love a good mystery adventure and the atmosphere of a crime drama. It also has a horror influence and is filled to the brim with tons of interesting, sometimes bizarre, startling and atmospheric mini-scenes that you encounter as you progress." 

The Contradiction funding campaign is going okay, 28.4% of the target raised so far and still 12 days to go.  Check out the Kickstarter page for more info.

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