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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Antillia and the Lost Cities of Gold (Board / Card game)

This one looks cool... so I thought I'd feature it.  (You see what an incredibly complex and detailed methodology I used there?)

"Upon receiving a mysterious package containing the incredible accounts of long-dead conquistadors, Dr. Jack Parker and his team of adventurers have arrived on a field expedition to a mysterious island riddled with untold riches. Join your friends, or divide and conquer in this RPG Adventure into the jungles of Antillia and the Lost Cities of Gold. Salvage ancient treasures, form (or break) alliances, and defeat an ancient evil to survive the islands pitfalls and escape with your lives!
Designed with both casual gamers, and strategy enthusiasts in mind, Antillia and the Lost Cities of Gold is a combination cardgame/boardgame RPG that allows 2 - 6 players to jump into cutthroat, story driven tabletop adventure without having to delve into complex character building and stat tracking.
Antillia was created in an effort to build a straightforward and accessible dungeon-crawling board game that would appeal not just to the tabletop role-playing community, but also to those who have no prior experience with dice-rolling adventures. 
For us, it was important to take everything we loved about pen-and-paper games, as well as traditional deck building games, and merge them into something exploratory and open to a large number of gameplay methods. With Antillia, you can choose to play cooperatively or competitively (or hide your true intentions), and you'll never encounter the same map layout twice."

Check out the recently launched Antillia and the Lost Cities of Gold Kickstarter Page

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