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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Action Tower Defense - SBX: Invasion - Update 1.1 is out

"Do you like Space Exploration shooters like Asteroids?  Do the arbitrary restrictions in Tower Defenses bother you?  Then you might want to check out SBX: Invasion Base Defense.   A smooth blend of Free Form Fast-Action Tower Building and Shmup Space Blasting, SBX: Invasion takes tower defense strategy to a whole new level of action and gives the player unparalleled creative freedom.

SBX: Invasion is what I call an Action Tower Defense game.  It’s fast paced, challenging and mixes in all the right elements from RTS, Sandbox and Top-down Space Shooter Genres.

It features:
  -  Free Building – No longer are you restrained to a few locations, build just about anywhere you want!

  -  Multiple AI Types with Dynamic Pathing – Enemies adjust to your defenses and will path around them, or try to destroy them!  Watch out!

  -  A 10 Level Campaign with 3 Massive Bosses – Face off against Giant Orbital Satellites and Gigantean Battlecruisers as you defend the lives of the local space colonies!

  -  A Custom Map Creator – Create your own maps and share them with friends!  The map creation system gives the player endless freedom to play and create their own experiences.

DOWNLOAD  è  SBX: Invasion Dropbox Download ç DOWNLOAD

The game is also available at Desura, Indie Game Stand and Fireflower Games.

Update 1.1 Brings a bit of polish to the game as well:

There are new sound effects, bug fixes, graphic polish and better functionality.  The game is easier to get into and the tutorial has been improved.  Confusing keys were moved around and the game is a bit more intuitive.  It’s much easier for newer players to get into the game in Easy and Medium difficulty and there are a bunch of little fixes and updates."

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