Monday, 28 October 2013

Still Storming Steel!

Steel Storm: Burning Retribution has had an expansion pack released - Forgotten Prison.

"This DLC is not only action packed, but also brings a challenge full of puzzles and traps, you need to think your way through. Think outside the box, explore, observe, and you shall succeed at your mission!" 

Also released is Steel Storm: A.M.M.O, a standalone multiplayer arena shooter.

“We are bringing Steel Storm: A.M.M.O.'s MOBA gameplay to all of you as soon as we feel it's fun. There's still plenty ahead - matchmaking, crafting, achievements, leaderboards, new characters, tank models, weaponry, turrets, and more! Join in, participate, and help mold what you would like to see next. But most of all, have fun!”

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