Friday, 18 October 2013

Spaceship Building Game Universe Appeals to Crowdfunding Support

The crowdfunding campaign for spaceship building game Universe was launched on Indiegogo on September 18, and is scheduled to end on November 17, 11:59 PM PT. With an $11,000 goal, indie developer Vladislav Kostin is hoping to raise enough money to make this game reality with the fully flashed out gameplay, big and diverse worlds, and a special features such as the Oculus Rift support.

Universe is currently in its prototype stages and is being developed to allow both single player and multiplayer campaigns. The game combines space simulator and a first person shooter game with a block building features, as the players will be able to build their own spacecraft block by block and operate it from the inside.

“The engineering and building gameplay is the main focus of the game, as well as spaceship battles.” Kostin explains. “It really matters how you build your ship and which weapons and defense systems you are choosing to use, because it can completely change the way you will approach the game objectives. And also working together with your friends as a crew on the same ship should be really really fun!”

The game prototype has been fully tested with positive results in regards to gameplay and a general performance. The developer plans to add an Oculus Rift support to the game, for a more immersive experience.

Kostin has opted for a flexible crowdfunding campaign, in order to be able to use all the funds even if the project does not meet the $11,000 target. Backers can get a full copy of the game on release for as little as $10. Higher pledges will give backers an access to alpha version of the game, special place in the game’s credits or the right to co-design an arcade mini-game that will become a part of the main title.

Universe is being developed for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

About the developer
Vladislav Kostin is a young independent game developer based in Krasnodar, Russia. He is dedicated to his craft and determined to finish Universe “no matter what.” The developer expects an early playable version of the game to be ready within six months and available to backers.

More information about Universe and available perks for supporters can be found on the project’s Indiegogo campaign page and on Facebook.

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