Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Salvation Prophecy, a Military Space Epic: Steam Launch

Just how "indie" can you get?  I'm not entirely sure how serious he was being when he said it, but Sean Lindskog described his game Salvation Prophecy as being "I-made-this-game-while-living-in-a-cabin indie",  Of course, this could be misleading - perhaps he lives in a cabin anyway - a spacious, luxurious cabin with a full serving staff, gourmet chef and Sean himself sitting on a throne surrounded by beautiful handmaidens, but anyway I think you get the idea - this is one seriously indie game.  Check out the trailer:

As you can see, there's a lot of hectic space and planet battles.  You can also travel to alien planets to pursue the mysteries of an apocalyptic prophecy, a storyline that plays out against the backdrop of a galactic war.  

Salvation Prophecy blends genres together, to create a living universe strife with warfare.  You will see space fleets in motion across the galaxy, enemy AI factions battling against one another, and perhaps a surprise attack while docked in a space station.  Ranking up will allow you to take command of your faction's strategy and resources.  It all leads up to an end-game crescendo of destruction that should challenge even hard-core space aces.

The game was launched on Steam this Monday, and for the first week is available for 25% off.

Salvation Prophecy Screenshots

Salvation Prophecy Character Art

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