Monday, 28 October 2013

New Indie Game Publisher Alert!

Rebel Machine has just launched, with this mission statement:

"Rebel Machine is an engine for progress. As the industry matures and expands, we work to help independent game developers break through the noise to reach an audience of passionate gamers and achieve long-term success. We understand the importance of independence, we understand the value of individuality, and we understand the power of collective creativity. Change is coming. And it begins here.
That sounded nice and inspiring, didn’t it? Are you not entertained? Oh… you want more actual info? Fine then!
Rebel Machine is a new video game publisher formed focused on helping indie devs succeed. Whether you need help in promotion, production or on the business side, we can help. You get expert help, and we’ll partner with you on flexible business deals that keep most of the money in your pocket. Not bad."

They then invite you to work with them... if you feel that's something you might want to do, or at least find out more about, then head over to the Rebel Machine Website.

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