Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Megabyte Punch is now on Steam

Robot Fighting Beat Em’ Up MEGABYTE PUNCH arrives on STEAM today!
Reptile Games announces their electro fighting, part collecting, robot smashing game will be 20% off for PC Mac and Linux!

Independent game developer Reptile Games is thrilled to announce their game, Megabyte Punch will be available on Steam October 15th. Described best as a mash-up of SSB, Megaman and Custom Robo. Megabyte Punch is an electro fighting/beat ‘em up game in which players can build and customize their own player. The game will be sold on Steam for 20% off its original price of $14.99. For the first week of release, Megabyte punch will be $11.99 (US) or currency equivalent for PC (Windows), Mac and Linux.
Originally released August 6th, the popular Megabyte Punch is now coming to Steam players everywhere! Battle various creatures in the story mode to get their parts and upgrade their own fighter; like Tornado shoulders for a whirlwind attack or powerful hips for a devastating pelvic thrust attack. Then, using the abilities of their customized fighter, they can compete in tournaments or battle against other players in a destructible arena.
In the multiplayer battle mode players can fight other players with the abilities each customized creature gives them. Players can also enter the tournament to win rare new parts for their character. Players will have the opportunity to create their own versus levels with an external image editor and add it into the game for endless destructive fun.

Features of the full game on Steam:
• Chunky stylish graphics.
• 6 unique electro-worlds with boss fights.
• 150 parts to collect and endless combinations to customize your character.
• Pumpin' Electro Soundtrack.
• Compete in the tournament for rare parts.
• Up to 4 player local co-op and versus mode.
• 29 Steam Achievements
• Cloud Saving (Play your save game on different computers)
• Big Picture compatible

For additional information, visit their WebsiteFacebook and Twitter.
Megabyte Punch will be sold on Steam for 20% off its original price of $14.99. For the first week of release, Megabyte punch will be $11.99 (US) or currency equivalent for PC (Windows), Mac and Linux.
About Reptile-Games:
Reptile began with making the customizable fighting/beat ‘em up game Megabyte Punch in late 2011. The early versions of the game received a lot of praise, which, coupled with the fact that hardly any game developer was making games quite the way Reptile saw them resulted in the formation of the company. In 2012, alongside developing Megabyte Punch, Reptile also diverted into smaller projects. Like the upcoming rhythm game Beat Attack and the competitive Lethal League.

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