Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Indie Longevity!

Now here's a story of some impressive indie staying power.  In 2003 a programmer called Mortiz Daan, in Groningen, The Netherlands, began to code a browser-based Mafia game.  The following year Omerta Game Ltd was founded to further develop the game, and Omerta has gone from strength to strength, becoming the largest and longest-running gangster MMORPG in the world, with almost five million individual player registrations to date. 

The growth of the company itself has been just as impressive, with full-time staff now employed in various offices across Europe and Asia, plus more than two hundred volunteers spread across the globe.  Player power has always been a mainstay of the game's growth and popularity, with the play base themselves controlling and deciding many aspects of the game.

Playable in twenty nine different languages, Omerta is celebrating it's tenth anniversary.  It remains free to play and only requires a very modest PC set-up (even my underpowered laptop would be okay) and internet connection.  Let's hope today's indies can still be going strong a decade from now!!

More information about the game itself and its tenth anniversary.

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