Saturday, 19 October 2013

Game in Production alert - "SKARA - The Blade Remains"

"Skara aims to be the future reference in eSport and it stands alone creating a new genre of multiplayer fighting game that we like to call an MVO(a Multiplayer and a Versus Online game); it combines the kill-stream action and quality graphics of a AAA MMO game with the character control of a Versus game - yes, you can do combo attacks!

In Skara, you pick up a fighter from one of the available races with different characteristics, weapons and armors and you fight among fifteen others competing on a global scale through hand to hand action fighting. You can form social groups by races following the rich history of Skara and the reputation of their leaders because player’s success is tracked with leader tables and honour points, these can be used to unlock special game features, such as personalized weapons and new arenas.

Skara not only promises to be the highest quality and most addictive MOBA out there, it will be F2P allowing anyone to try it out. The Skara Team thinks it can successfully create a product that is genuinely for gamers by gamers."

This is an interesting project in that it's giving players the chance to have an active role in the game's development.  Check out the Official Website.

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