Thursday, 31 October 2013

First Look - Kromaia

Had a chance to give the preview build of Kromaia a quick look - it features only the Score Attack mode, (which is a shame as I'm always more interested in the Story Mode than anything else, in pretty much any game) - but it did give me a chance to see the core game mechanics in action.  It's billed as a "6 Degree of Freedom Shooter" - now my engineering is a little rusty but I think the 6 degrees of freedom are Longitudinal, Latitudinal, Vertical, Roll, Pitch and Yaw - and the chief aim of this mechanic is to give the player a complete freedom of movement and feeling of being totally in control of the craft.  From playing the preview build, I can say that the developers seem to have pretty much nailed this - the controls are extremely responsive and, although my current system is not up to the job of displaying 3D graphics at anything like their full potential, the aesthetics are great.

I can't really comment too much on the actual gameplay at this stage, but the groundwork is certainly in place for a very good game here.  This is definitely one to look out for - more news soon...  

More about Kromaia

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