Thursday, 24 October 2013

Endica VII The Dream King - Fundraiser (IndieGoGo)

Looking at the trailer gave me the inescapable feeling that this game is the love child of Gauntlet 2 and Turrican 2!

Rewards include designing part of the game yourself - writing some dialogue, designing a weapon, appearing as an NPC, and creating secret playable characters to appear in the game.  They're looking to raise $10,000 with stretch goals currently at $11K, $12K, $13K and $14K.

General details:

The Dream King is a unique blend of multiple genres into one Side Scrolling Action Role Playing Game!  It is intended to capture the magic of the childhood classics of the early 80's and 90's gaming era!

The Dream King will be available on Windows, Ubuntu, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Ouya, and hopefully Steam and Gamestick in 2014!

Endica VII The Dream King IndieGoGo Page

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