Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Coming soon - "Piggy Roll Puzzle"

Indie developer Nuclear Indie Games are putting the finishing touches to their child-friendly, free iOS and Android puzzle game "Piggy Roll Puzzle", which is due out towards the end of November 2013.  Operating out of Copenhagen, Denmark and founded in January 2012 at the Nordic Game Jam, they (Aleksandar Arsovski and Lars Zilmer) aim to create new gaming experiences - "Our goal is to create innovative, intelligent, and charming entertainment that can be enjoyed by both children and adults." Sounds like a good aim to me! Anyway, check out the video and screens for their in-production game, which I hope to review soon (if I can borrow a working Android device... might let my fiendishly clever young daughter have a go and see what she thinks too...)  You push pigs off the playing area by bashing other pigs into them - that's got to be fun, right?!

More news on this one soon...

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