Saturday, 19 October 2013

Buy "World of Goo" on PC CD-ROM for just 99p

The classic puzzler World of Goo is currently listing for a penny under a pound at Amazon UK.

Game description:
World Of Goo is a simple puzzle building game with a quirky, surreal sense of humour. Connect balls of goo together to form makeshift bridges and towers to build a path, guiding the goo balls to the exit.
  • All the makings of a classic: engrossing, obsessive and addictive gameplay. Easy to learn, hard to master!
  • Realistic sound effects add to the game's wit and personality - yelping, cheering goo balls make every move an event
  • Fantastic, atmospheric soundtrack: carefully chosen music tracks set the atmosphere for each level.
  • Different types of goo have special abilities - some drip like water, some float like helium balloons, some are sticky and some are spike-proof. Engaging game design brings them all together to solve the most fiendish predicaments.
  • A unique visual experience: brilliant design is achieved through vibrant and contrasting colours and beautiful graphics, giving a surreal cartoon feel.

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