Saturday, 26 October 2013

Announcing "Secluded" (working title)

This is a newly announced indie adventure game project by Elias Frost, a one-man game development studio.  Here's what he says about the game in his own words, and a preview trailer.


Codename: 'Secluded' is a indie thriller/light horror game developed by Elias Frost. The game is about Vanessa Cardoso, an old friend to Zac White: a psychologically crippled murderer recently released after a long time in prison with psychological rehabilitation. One unfortunate evening Zac is kidnapped by Samuel and Kevin, a closely tied together duo with a dark secret. It is up to you (Vanessa) to uncover that secret and save your old friend. The game focuses heavily on blending puzzle and narration. As well as a bit of exploration.

The game is viewed from an isometric perspective and the graphical style is pixelated with dark and washed out colors to provide the atmosphere envisioned by me. I have put a lot of my work to really squeeze my all into this project, especially the sound design and graphics, my vision is to create a relatively top-notch game both gameplay wise and presentation, to the best of my abilties of course, I am a one-man band after all. If something feels wrong, then it is wrong and I'm not afraid to revisit parts of my game to tweak it to keep the quality consistent throughout the game. This is in fact my very first 'real' game dev project and it is a great undertaking but I hope some encouragement and dedication will help me through this. :)"

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