Thursday, 10 October 2013

3D Adventure Game Creation with NO CODING?!?

The lack of a good package for creating 3D adventure games has long been a lament in the AGS community among others.  DAGE and others have come and gone, with no package really convincing a large number of users to try to create games with them.  Until now, maybe.

The creator of indie adventure game Da New Guys has developed a plugin for Unity (usable with the Free and Pro versions) called Adventure Creator.  There's a demo game for it, playable online, that helps to explain what the package does.


  • Make a complete adventure game with no code
  • Point and click, direct and first-person controls
  • Clean, intuitive interface made for designers
  • Event system for cutscenes and interactions
  • Character animation and conversations
  • Timed sequences and arrow prompts
  • Inventory items and global variables
  • Controller support for all play styles
  • Full saving and loading system
  • Example project to learn from
  • Customisable in-game GUI
  • Extensive documentation
  • In-game options menu
  • Built-in pathfinding
  • Translation support
  • Price: $70

  • Trailer:

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