Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Hyperspace Pinball now free on the App Store

Hyperspace Pinball is now available for free for iPhone and iPad devices. 

Hyperspace Pinball by Gamieon is now available for FREE for the iPhone and iPad! Use your pinball skills to destroy aliens and score points in this popular and innovative game. 

TAMPA - September 17, 2013 - Hyperspace Pinball by Gamieon is now available for FREE for the iPhone and iPad! The latest update to this popular game introduces HeyZap leaderboards and achievements. 

Originally released in 2011, Hyperspace Pinball brings together the action of an arcade shooter with the excitement of classic pinball into a single game where players must battle aliens using only a ball and flippers. 

Since the initial release, Hyperspace Pinball has set a new standard for pinball game features including online leaderboards, achievements, special in-game challenges, three different modes of play, unlockable features including camera tilting and the ability to follow the ball, "powered balls" that go through obstacles and social networking integration. 

Hyperspace Pinball is also available for Android devices on Google Play, and on the PC via the Desura game distribution platform. To date, Hyperspace Pinball boasts over 62,000 downloads on Google Play and 10,000 downloads on the App Store. 

In this latest update to version 2.1, the app has been changed from a 99 cent app to a free app, and boasts HeyZap leaderboard and achievement integration. Players can play through the entire game for free, and have the option to unlock all the special features through a one-time purchase where they name their own price by tapping on the "Upgrade" button! 

iPhone and iPad Players may download Hyperspace Pinball from the App Store at: 

Android players may download it from Google Play at: 

PC and Mac users may download it from: 

Hyperspace Pinball providers gamers of all ages a unique and phenomenal pinball experience. Download Hyperspace Pinball today! 

About Gamieon 
Gamieon is an independent game development company that aims to provide quality video game software which emphasizes both intellectual and action-driven challenge to the gaming community. 

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