Friday, 30 August 2013

Unite 2013: 2013 Unity Awards Winners Revealed

Vancouver, BC – August 30, 2013 – Unity Technologies, provider of the Unity multi-platform engine and development tools, announced the winners of the 2013 Unity Awards at the Unite 2013 conference in Vancouver.
Unity Technologies began the Unity Awards to honor the developers creating the best video games and interactive 3D applications using the Unity development platform. This year's winners are:
·      Community Choice - Endless Space
·      Best Student Project - SmartVCS
·      Technical Achievement - Marmoset Skyshop
·      Best 3D Artistic Experience - Guns of Icarus Online
·      Best 2D Artistic Experience - Year Walk
·      Best Gameplay - The Room
·      Best VizSim Project - teamLabBody
·      Best Non-game Project - Become Iron Man
·      Golden Cube - Endless Space
The judging for the awards was done by the Unity Technologies team over a series of weeks.
Open nominations for the next Unity Awards will begin in Spring 2014.
About Unity Technologies
Unity Technologies is the creator of Unity, a flexible and high-performance development platform used to make creative and intelligent interactive 3D and 2D experiences. The "author once, deploy everywhere" capability ensures developers can publish to all of the most popular platforms. Unity Technologies boasts a thriving community of over 2 million developers including large publishers, indie studios, students and hobbyists. To remain at the forefront of innovation, Unity Technologies tirelessly re-invests in its award-winning 3D development tools and its democratization initiatives, such as the Asset Store digital content marketplace and Unity Games publishing and distribution division. Unity Technologies is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in Canada, China, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Singapore, Sweden, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit:
About Unite 2013
Taking place August 28 - 30, 2013 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, Unite 2013 is an event for developers, publishers, enthusiasts and others interested in Unity to come together to learn more about the market-leading platform for creating high quality video games, training simulations, medical and architectural visualizations and other 3D interactive content -- and how to get the most out of it. The conference offers three days of learning including advanced hands-on class tutorials, technical sessions, previews of upcoming technology as well as the chance to network in a creative and energetic environment and awesome parties.
For more information about Unite 2013, please visit:

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