Friday, 2 August 2013

HouseOgames Opens its Doors

Unique Seattle-based indie games incubation program emerges
HouseOgames open for business!
Aug 1st, 2013 - Seattle, Washington - HouseOgames (, a Seattle-based indie game incubator with a twist, announced that it is officially accepting applications for it's program.  The program is designed to help indie developers over the course of a full year by supplying them with living accommodations, workspace, business training and access to top level industry mentorship.
Two veteran gaming professionals are holding down the fort at HouseOgames, which is focused on fostering the development of casual to mid-core multi platform games:  Luke Burtis (Former Production Director for Casual Connect), Scott Jarboe (an Infrastructure Architect, Lead Systems Engineer and Development Engineer for Microsoft's Edge Computing Network).
 "A slew of talented indie developers are making innovative high quality games." Said Luke Burtis of HouseOgames.  "We want to recognize that innovation and help it stand out from the crowded realm of clones and sequels and get them recognized. Our goal is to help foster this talent and assist in getting these games in front of as many eyes as possible. Along the way, we'll also teach them how to run a company and make money doing what they love as a career choice."
Teams selected by HouseOgames will be granted a shared office space, development tools, access to a plethora of industry mentors, and a communal style accommodation with rent and utilities covered while participating in the program.  HouseOgames will also have their very own David Carney of DVGMusic as an in-house audio composer for the teams to utilize, free of charge.
HouseOgames also announced their partnership with REACTOR, the federally funded Seattle based program for interactive media.  The combined vision that HouseOgames and REACTOR have for talented indie game developers will strengthen Seattle's global role as a hub for young game development even further!
HouseOgames is currently concentrating on taking applicants from the USA.  Further details about the program and application process can be found here

About HouseOgames:
HouseOgames aims to become a one of a kind incubator for independent game developers. It will assist them in the production of their games and most importantly, successfully bringing them to market!  HouseOgames' vision is to provide developers with a way to master the skills required to build a sustainable business by creating a successful game, bring it to market while keeping the indie spirit alive!  HouseOgames is based in Seattle Washington.

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