Friday, 23 August 2013

Fallen World - Coming to OUYA

Miami, FL -- August 23, 2013 -- Kuroato Media is proud to announce "Fallen World" coming to OUYA! slated for Release in mid-September 2013. Fallen World on OUYA will be Free to Try, with Full Game and Features unlocked for just $2.99 

Game Website: 

About Game: 
Fallen World is a Tower Defense / Hack and Slash hybrid set in a post-apocalyptic world ruled by a machine army. 

Take the role of a deadly Cyborg Ninja; hack and slash your way through endless waves of robot enemies. Summon soldiers and torrent defense units into battle. Protect a young cyborg that holds the key to dismantling the mainframe and machine network. As the human's last defense and only hope of survival, you must fight your way to the heart of the Machine City and save what is left of the fallen world. 

Fallen World's narrative was inspired by cyberpunk anime and films such as Appleseed, Terminator, and The Matrix Series. While the the game mechanics were designed with the idea of creating a totally new and unique, fast paced action, easy to play, but yet challenging gaming experience. 

List of Features: 
* Story Driven, Fast Hack and Slash Gameplay 
* Anime Inspired Visuals 
* Unique Hybrid Game Mechanics 
* Various Robot Enemies to Face Off 
* 9 Challenging Stages 
* Normal and Unlockable Hard Mode 
* Dynamic Enemy Wave System 
* Upgradable Skills, Defense Units, and Character Development 

About us, 
Kuroato Media is a US based indie game publishing company founded in 2010, specializing in web based Game Design and Marketing. 

Oddity is a UK based indie developer, creating flash, pc and web based games since 2006. 
Oddity is focused on developing fun and distinctly odd games. 

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