Thursday, 8 August 2013

F2P Combat Card Game Gods of Sparta releases new trailer

F2P Combat Card Game Gods of Sparta focuses on player’s skill

Strategic card game Gods of Sparta is currently available for the public to play on browser

Independent game developer Bigosaur is pleased to announce their game, Gods of Spartais currently available to the public on PC, Mac and Linux via web browser and Facebook. Described as a true strategic online card game, players verse the computer starting with a single card, and gain cards in their deck as they defeat each adversary. Players will verse others with similar cards to push the strategic play aspect of online card battle, as opposed to building decks.

Gods of Sparta was created to try a new style of tactical online card games. “Typical online card games are all quite similar, they focus on booster packs and building your deck,” states lead developer Milan Babu┼íkov. “The element of luck is too strong, and if you analyze it deeper, you realize that there's not much difference than playing a slot machine. Buy a card pack and hope to get some epic card - insert a coin and hope to get 3 bars.”

Gods of Sparta focuses on a duel game environment where the players have the same cards, ensuring fair play. On-screen layout is unique; instead of single line of units, players have front and back lines. Players can place their cards on the lines to give them the best advantage. There are three types of units: walkers, flyers and ranged; allowing players to protect the weak ranged units with first line of melee fighters. Players can pick any card from their deck, however, they lose their turn when they place a new card on the board. Players must destroy all their opponents cards to be declared the winner.

Features of the full game:
- Three unit races, each unit having unique abilities
- Melee, flying and ranged unit types
- Special artifacts units can equip
- Four-level battlefield allows for more interesting tactics
- No randomness, player's skill determines the winner
- Single player campaigns and online multi-player duels

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