Monday, 12 August 2013

Captain Disaster in "The Dark Side of the Moon" released by Team Disaster

Birmingham, UK - 12th August 2013 – Team Disaster have today released the first game in a planned series of games featuring the space hero / idiot “Captain Disaster”.  The game, Captain Disaster in “The Dark Side of the Moon”, is a small freeware adventure game that should take at least 1-2 hours to complete – some of the puzzles may be quite challenging for those new to the genre (perhaps even for some adventure game veterans), but the game is designed to appeal to genre fans and newcomers alike.

Sleep walking through an open StarGate isn't the best of ways to end up on a distant moon, especially when the StarGate closes behind you before you wake up.  This is the position that the intrepid Captain Disaster finds himself in - not all, however, is as it seems; there is a greater purpose at work here.

With innumerable references to classic adventure games, science fiction and of course Pink Floyd, Captain Disaster in "The Dark Side of the Moon" is a light-hearted point and click adventure game which will exercise both your grey matter and funny bone.  There are also 16 achievements to collect – some of them completely irrelevant to actually completing the game, but hopefully both fun to find out the results of accomplishing.

Captain Disaster in “The Dark Side of the Moon”  is available for PC and should run on pretty much any system, no matter how old!


Official Captain Disaster Website:


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