Monday, 8 July 2013

Platformer based in a child's mind - Bide announcement

Evolving Poet Media (developers of Jack Haunt)have announced the development of a new game called Bide.  

Bide is a skill-based platformer that takes place in a bizarre minimalistic world created by a struggling child's mind.  The game features a bunch of levels, some classic boss fights, and the ability to transform to allow you access to different powers.  As an astronaut the child initially has access to rocket boosters that allow him to reach high places, but he can also gain speed as a cheetah, immortality as a bulldozer, or stealth as a ninja!  Bide also features the dark undertones that EvolvingPoet Media is known for, making this (possibly) tragic tale into a pensive and reminiscent adventure that will hopefully remind you of your childhood.

-Skill-based platformer with themes of fear and acceptance
-40 unique levels across five worlds
-Three monstrous boss fights
-Windows and Linux versions
-$4 tentative price point

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