Thursday, 4 July 2013

Kingdoms Rise - Multiplayer Fantasy Sword Fighting for PC and Mac

Melbourne, Australia -- July 3, 2013 -- Kingdoms Rise today announces its’ Greenlight campaign. The indie game features unique mechanics to create intense and tactical sword fights in PvP. Although being developed by a team of just two people, the production value could be mistaken for a large budget production. 

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Kingdoms Rise has today launched a Steam Greenlight campaign. 

Kingdoms Rise is a Multiplayer Fantasy Sword Fighting Game being developed by an indie game studio consisting of just two people. Kingdoms Rise features a 360° melee system which enables players to swing their sword in any direction. With this melee system players engage in intense, tactical sword fights, opponents must read each other for opportunities and weaknesses. 
To complement the sword system players can equip magic spells and fantasy abilities to fight and platform in unique and interesting ways. 
There are no classes, instead we let players be creative in choosing everything from their weapons, appearance and abilities. Your look and fighting style is unique to you alone. 

Mixing up spells, swords, bows, shields, armors and throwing weapons means that every fight will be different, there's always something you can change about how you play. 

Key Features 
>Deep Sword Fighting System 
>Numerous fantasy spells and abilities to choose from 
>Detailed Character Builder 
>Custom ability and weapon load-outs 
>Create a party with friends and fight as a team 
>Online stat tracking 

Kingdoms Rise is now on Steam Greenlight and needs your votes and support in order to be released on Steam. 

About Flyleap Studios Flyleap Studios is a two man indie studio based in Melbourne Australia. After working together on a Half-Life 2 MOD in high school the team moved into making games for iPhone and Android. On mobiles, Flyleap released two titles; Little Dragon 3D and Stampede 3D. After this they moved back to developing on the platform they were most passionate about, PC gaming. 

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