Thursday, 4 July 2013

IndieFort Multiplayer bundle

New indie bundle live now on GamersGate

It’s the middle of the summer, so now’s the perfect time to relax and play some games with friends. With that in mind, the new IndieFort bundle is a collection of some of the best multiplayer indie titles in recent memory featuring Sanctum, Awesomenauts and Air Buccaneers!

The bundle goes live today, 4th July and runs for a week at $6.99 which is around 80% off from full price. As usual it’s possible to provide an extra “developer tip” when buying the bundle – extra cash that goes directly to the devs, as a thanks for the great games!

If enough bundles are bought, everyone who got one will also receive the soundtracks for Awesomenauts and Air Buccaneers – as well as an extra game, the Super Sanctum Tower Defense!

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