Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Black Forest Games Announces Ravensdale Kickstarter Details

Black Forest Games launches new fund raising campaign with Project Ravensdale


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Independent game developer Black Forest Games announces the launch of their new campaign on Kickstarter to fund their multiplayer co-op game Ravensdale. 

After a hugely successful campaign on Kickstarter in 2012 and timely releases of Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, first on Windows-PC in 2012, followed by Xbox360 and PS3 versions in 2013, Black Forest Games braces itself for four weeks of crowd funding frenzy to ask the community on Kickstarter to support their next game: Ravensdale. “Ravensdale will be an action-packed, run’n’gun-like game that encourages co-operative gameplay and is set in a fuel-powered garage-fantasy world.” Jean-Marc Haessig, BFG’s creative director explains. Black Forest Game’s Managing Director Adrian Goersch adds “Our new project is still in an early development state, so this time it is a real Kickstarter. If it gets funded it it’s a great opportunity to offer our community a first-hand experience of the development of a video game – through our Project Ravensdale Dev Blog.
Announcement Teaser Trailer
Ravensdale is a true multiplayer game, designed from scratch to fully support co-operative gameplay at its very core. With it, Black Forest Games intends to push the envelope on coop gameplay, focusing on that aspect like barely any game has ever done before. For over a decade, the team thought about doing a game in that universe. It started with the concept of crashing over-the-top nutso “technology” into a classic medieval fantasy setting and then picking up the pieces. Or in the words of Jean-Marc Haessig: “Imagine an Orc with a huge dieselfurnace on his back powering heavy motor guns wearing an oil-rig door as a chestplate armor!”
Ravensdale’s campaign on Kickstarter will start on July, 15th through August, 16 2013. Backer rewards will include the digital version of the game, and many more items that are available only by backing the game on Kickstarter.
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