Friday, 21 June 2013

Pixel art horror game, The Last Door launches chapter 2 today

Spain – June 21th, 2013 - Independent game company The Game Kitchen is excited to release a new chapter for The Last Door, an episodic point­and­click adventure game featuring stylish low-res graphics and a foreboding orchestral soundtrack, for PC, Linux & Mac and other flash­enabled devices. The game was successfully funded on Kickstarter in late 2012, and has now released two full chapters to the public.
The Last Door boasts uniquely exaggerated pixel-art style graphics with an exquisite soundtrack to create a vivid world players can use to immerse themselves in the dark and twisted point-and-click horror-adventure. The spine tingling story unfolds chapter by chapter, allowing players to join in at any time to unravel the harrowing mystery behind The Last Door.
The story follows Jeremiah Devitt, a University professor of Philosophy, who receives a distressing letter from an old childhood friend. Jeremiah returns to the manor of his friend to confirm his suspicions that something terrible has happened. Jeremiah will have to explore the deserted and unnerving mansion, seeking clues to unravel the terrible mystery behind his own past and the fate of those closest to him.

In the latest chapter, Jeremiah visits the boarding school he and his friend attended when they were young. The school has since become a hospital assisting the care of terminally ill patients. As Jeremiah continues his dangerous journey, he begins to suspect that there's more to the hospital than meets the eye, and nothing is what it seems. Can Jeremiah place together his crude memories and discover the horrible secrets of his past?
Key Features:
World: Travel back and explore dark and mysterious Scotland from the 1890’s, investigate ghostly manors and gloomy hospitals to uncover their cryptic secrets. Story: Meet new and intriguing characters and learn their hidden pasts as they try to help or harm Jeremiah along his journey.
Graphics: Investigate and wander through uniquely designed low-res style graphics as Jeremiah uncovers the ominous truth.
Puzzles: Work through various puzzles and brain teasers to progress throughout the story.
Music: A haunting original orchestral soundtrack completes the strange and frightening atmosphere of the game.
A distinguishing feature of The Last Door is it’s unique development philosophy, which plans for all chapters of the game to be free to the public eventually. As a new chapter arrives, it is available exclusively to paying backers for a limited time, as previous chapters are then free to the public. The game and its development process are also designed to take feedback from players. “We loved getting feedback from players and adapting the game based on their suggestions,” states lead developer Mauricio Garcia. “In the previous beta for chapter 2 we allowed people to suggest various objects and dialog, the chosen suggestions were added in the final game, and the people who made the winning suggestions were placed in the credits.”
The Last Door is currently available to the public via the following link: After a two month period of exclusivity to backers, the first chapter is currently free to the public. 
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